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WPP, wordpress popular posts , show the popular posts since that time you have installed wpp !

所以在安装完后,可能会显示”Sorry. No data so far”,没关系,主动点击几遍文章,就会显示热门文章的啦!

Give it a few time , then you will see something amazing !


No, it doesn’t work that way. Let me explain myself a bit better.

What my plugin does is that each time your posts/pages get a view from your visitors, WordPress Popular posts will register that event in its cache table. So, posts that have not been viewed yet since my plugin was installed won’t show up on the list until someone does.

When you decide to sort posts by comments, for example, my plugin will look into its cache table and retrieve all posts in there with the most comments and sort them accordingly.

Eventually your most popular posts will climb up into the top since search engines and other sites are linking to them, so I wouldn’t worry about what my plugin is showing now. Give it a few days and you’ll start seeing different results.

As I said before, you can remove the widget from your sidebar for now too. My plugin will keep caching posts and building its cache with your most viewed posts. Then, after a week or two (whatever you decide) you can put back WordPress Popular Posts widget on your sidebar and let people know what are your best posts.

Thanks for your kind words about my plugin. I do hope to see it merging with WordPress’ platform someday as I believe it’s a useful feature that every blog should have.

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